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Here you can find few maps from Barcelona city. We’ll be uploading all the maps that we think that will be useful for you.

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Bateau Lune

Hidden Store Barcelona

Bateau Lune Toy Store

The other day we went out in search of a new story to our blog. We were walking around the district of Gracia for a few hours searching. Finally, entered the Plaza de la Virreina we find a curious toy store by the name of Bateau Lune, worthy of our attention. Here we leave you with this hidden history.

My name is Fabian and I’m from Belgium. I lived in Gracia since 1995. I’m still thinking that is the best area to live in Barcelona. Gracia is like a village into a City.  Here in this District we have everything. There are a lot of nice and orignial shops. During the night you can enjoy a good atmosphere waliking in a lot of pedestrian street or have a drink on one of their famous square. Maybe for that I like living here and maybe for that in 2003 we decided to open Bateau lune a toyshop in one of his square wich is plaza de la Virreina.  Because local people like to get one they need in their traditional shops.

In 2003 after working in a internacional restaurant as purchase manager I decided to open a creative toy shop. Bateau Lune open in 2003 in the heart of Gracia on the Virreina Square. In this Creative Toy shop for kids There are for every age: Wooden balancing horses, Trains, ecological toys, puzzles but also games for outdoor as kites, bubble games, water games, Scooter, etc. Bateau Lune organize several times per month freely activities just in front of the shop.


The store is open from Monday to Saturday. From 10.30 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 8:30 pm. For more information, feel free to visit the web site You can also like us on our Facebook Fan Page at

Bateau Lune

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Rebost Orient

El Rebost Orient is a young family shop of teas, spices and herbs in the heart of Gracia district. You can find us in the bohemian district of Gracia, exactly in Puigmartí Street 31, near one of the markets in the neighbourhood  the Central Abaceria. This means that there is a large movement of people and the atmosphere is lively. You can get there with the metro, green line number 3 Fontana station. We recommend you to visit the district during the afternoon. On this time people go out from work and the district gets alive.

Our story began in 2008 and since then we have been gradually incorporating new ecological and natural products in order to expand the range of items and so adapt to the needs and tastes of our clients.
In the shop you will find a large selection of teas (from the traditional to our most original mixes), Rooibos and all kinds of infusions. If you like the spices, do not hesitate! Visit El Rebost will move up as the Grand Bazaar, featuring species from around the world!

The store is open from Monday to Saturday. From 9 am to 2:30 pm and from 5 pm to 8:30 pm.

For more information, feel free to visit the web site You can also like us on our Facebook Fan Page at We are also on Twitter @elrebostdorient.

Hope to see you there!

Airport Barcelona Transport

Airport Barcelona Transport by Air

Airport Barcelona Transport. Barcelona has two Terminals situated 12km of the city centre. The new one, called T1, and the old one T2. They are connected by bus, just in case if you get confused and you must go to the other terminal. T1, the new Terminal 1, was designed by Ricardo Bofill and inaugurated 2009. T2 was designed to expand the old airport before the arrival of the Olympic Games in 1992. T2 has its own Rodalies Barcelona commuter train station on the line R2. This line has few stops on the biggest stations of Barcelona, Barcelona Sants and Passeig de Gràcia. If you want to take the rail you must go to T2 with the bus.


Price: €2.00
Time Table:

From Airport Barcelona transport: The first train leaves the airport at 05:42 am and the last one leaves the airport at 11:38 pm.

From Estacio Sants: The first train leaves Estacio Sants at 05:13 am and the last train leaves Sants at 11:14 pm.

From Passeig de Gràcia : The first train leaves Passeig de Gràcia at 05:08 am and the last train leaves Passeig de Gràcia at 11:07 pm.

Service run: every 30 minutes

Travel time: 20 minutes

Where to buy the ticket: Vending machines on the airport and the stations in the city centre. Possible to pay at the machines with both cash up to €50.00 notes and credit card.

- You can catch the train from ClotPasseig de Gràcia and Barcelona Sants (known as Sants Estacio).
- If you have not bought a T10 ticket and just purchased a normal ticket then you will have to buy another ticket for the change at Estacio Sants Barcelona Sants. If you have a T10 ticket you can change without paying an additional charge. – The metro runs directly from Barcelona Sants station and from Passeig de Gràcia.
- If you are arriving into Terminal 1, a shuttle bus will take you from outside of the terminal to the train station entrance.


Price: €5.75 for a single and €9.95 for a return journey (the ticket is valid for 9 days).

Time Table:

 Airport Barcelona Transport

Pl. Catalunya (Barcelona) – Terminal T1 (Airport)

From 05.30 h to 06.50 h every 10 min
From 06.50 h to 21.45 h every 5 min
From 21.45 h to 00.30 h every 10 min


Terminal T1 (Airport) – Pl. Catalunya (Barcelona)

From 06.10 h to 07.30 h every 10 min
From 07.30 h to 22.25 h every 5 min
From 22.25 h to 01.05 h every 10 min

 Airport Barcelona Transport

Pl. Catalunya (Barcelona) – Terminal T2 (Airport)

From 05.30 h to 06.50 h every 20 min
From 06.50 h to 22.20 h every 10 min
From 22.20 h to 00.30 h every 20 min


Terminal T2 (Airport) – Pl. Catalunya (Barcelona)

From 06.00 h to 07.00 h every 20 min
From 07.00 h to 23.00 h every 10 min
From 23.00 h to 01.00 h every 20 min

- The service operates 365 days a year, always with the same schedule.

Service run: every 5 minutes

Travel time: 35 minutes
Where to buy the ticket: Ticket machines for the Aerobus are only available at Airport Barcelona Transport T2. They are large and blue. You can also buy the ticket on the same bus. Bus driver’s don’t accept notes larger than 20 euro. 

-Go or return to either of the Airport Barcelona Transport Terminals (T1 or T2) comfortably and economically, without having to change stations or stops. The route covers strategic stops in the city.

- All the vehicles are adapted for people with mobility problems, they have a large area for luggage and all the commodities offered by good public transport


NIGHT BUS (NitBus N17)

Price: €2.00

Time table:

Operating Times From Plaça Catalunya:
The first bus leaves at 23:00 and the last at 05:00.

Operating Times From Airport Barcelona Transport:
The first bus leaves at 21:55  and the last bus leaves at 04:45.

Service run: every 30 minutes

Travel time: 50 minutes to T2 and and 60 minutes to T1.


- Location of Bus Stop At Plaça Catalunya For N17 Airport Bus.

- There are a lot of bus stops around the edge of Plaça Catalunya. It is necessary to head for the bus stop where Ronda Universitat meets Plaça Catalunya.



Price: €20/€30 and also you can go for €13 making a reservation on!!! This is a low cost company.

Time table: 24 hours

Service run: Every 1 minute :)

Travel time: 20/30 minutes


- Official Barcelona taxis are black and yellow.



- T10: €9.80 (valid for ten journeys on Barcelona buses and metro). The T10 is not available to purchase on the bus. At Airport Barcelona transport you can buy them either at the airport tobacco shops or at the entrance to the RENFE train station at the airport. In Barcelona city centre they can also be bought at Metro stops.


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Buenas Migas

Buenas Migas: literally means “to make good crumbs”, but has a double meaning in Spanish – “to make good friends”.

Buenas Migas started in Barcelona in 1998 and was the first focacceria in town! The focacceria has grown to become a chain of cafés with good quality food served quickly, offering simple, fresh, healthy and tasty dishes, made with loving care in our kitchen.

In Buenas Migas we prepare Italian and English dishes, simply because Patrick and Clare (the founders) are from these countries. We love traditional, tasty food like you would make at home. All our products are handmade from scratch, be it our breakfast pastries, our focaccia, our salads or our fresh pasta. We have chosen to exclude preservatives, colourings, stabilizers and other strange additives, and we don’t freeze or treat our products industrially. We are open all day with a speedy system of service in which the customer can personalize his or her own food. Of course, we serve coffee al Italiano and English tea to go with our “good crumbs”!

At the moment Buenas Migas has 11 outlets around Barcelona. In Gracia we are situated at Paseo de Gracia 120, 08002 Barcelona. We are open Monday to Wednesday from 7h until 23h and on Thursdays and Fridays from 7h until 24h. Saturdays and Sundays we open at 9h until 23h. We have a terrace and you can find “Buenas Migas” here all day long!

Leonard Guan from United States

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, located in the north eastern part of Spain. It is the second largest city in Spain with a population around 1.6 million people within a 39 sq mile area. The city hosted the 1992 Summer Olympics Games and subsequently the city is quite easy to navigate for foreign nationals.

Barcelona has a rich cultural heritage and a major tourist destination. Anyone who enjoys delicious food, arts, great architectures, and sandy beach will surely come to love Barcelona.

If you enjoy art then Picasso Museum ought to be one of your destinations to visit. It showcase Picasso’s work in chronological order for his early days to his greatest works. The museum has free entrance on the first Sunday of each month.


In terms of architecture, Barcelona has several of master architech Antonio Gaudi’s creations. Starting with “Casa Mila” which is also known as “La Pedrera”, the building is unique in its wavy shape and colorful tiles and the other “La Sagrada Familia”, a giant temple, which has been under construction since 1882. Gaudi’s work was greatly influenced by all forms of nature and it is reflected in his work. It is truly a breathtaking visual experience when you step into the “La Sagrada Familia”.

When it comes to enjoying the city, one must visit “Las Ramblas”, it is a famous street which leads to the sandy beach on the coastline. There are plenty of restaurants, shops along Las Ramblas. If you want to see where the locals buy their fresh produce then you should visit “El Mercado”, the market which is fairly close to “Las Ramblas”. Inside “El Mercado”, you will find plenty of fresh seafood, ham “Jamon Serano”, deserts and small eateries. Another popular location is the Magic Fountain where every night there is music, light and a water show.

Needless to say, to fully enjoy what Barcelona has to offer, one must plan to visit for at least 1 week.

Barcelona Tattoo

Tattoo and Piercing - Sputnink


Barcelona Tatto and piercing

Barcelona Tattoo. Sputnink is a new Barcelona tattoo studio in carrer La Perla, in the heart of Gràcia. We are Oskar (Barcelona tattoo artist) and Raúl (studio manager). A few months ago we were looking for a good place to set our business, and immediately we decided that Gràcia was the best location we could find. Gràcia district is amazing: it’s quiet, people are homely and walking through the streets you can find anything you are looking for. There are places for all types of people and stores of every kind: new and ancient, large and modest. It is a small town within a big city, and that’s what we love.

Specialized in tattoos

We are specialized in tattoos, but we also do piercings. In our store, we sell MSB Skateboards, the only ones designed and manufactured in Catalonia. We also distribute wooden sunglasses from Palens (handcrafted in Barcelona). Moreover, we can offer T-shirts from Xai, a young graphic designer from the city, and a future tattoo star.

Personalized service

What sets us apart from the other Barcelona tattoo shops, is that we propose a personalized service. We offer competitive prices and we don’t hesitate to dedicate to our customers the time they need to find the design that fits best their personality and likes. For us the importance of a tattoo is not its size or its complexity: all tattoos are valuable because they mean something special for each person. And our aim is that our customers become our friends. If you have an idea, we can help to develope it. If you need inspiration, we can prepare a special design for you, and if you are sure about what you want, we get started!

Where to find Sputnink

You can visit us at carrer La Perla 20, a few meters from carrer Verdi between plaça de la Revolució and plaça de la Virreina (Fontana L3 or Joanic L4 Metro stop). For further information and opening hours, please visit You can also follow us on

Barcelona tatoo

Maurice from Australia

Today we want to introduce you to Maurice. He is from Ireland but lives in Australia. He spent 5 days in Barcelona with his son. He is a very active 46 year old school teacher. He and his son spent most of their time walking, swimming at the beach and in the pool as well as general sightseeing.


Here we go:

Hi. Best thing was cycling around with born bike along beach and in the old city including swimming in the ocean.
The old fashioned cable car was excellent also.
Coffee in the numerous old squares around gracia.
Paella in restaurants was good but I wish I found some good restaurants off the beaten track rather than the tourist ones.
The enormous amount of shops, cafes, fresh fruit markets everywhere.
Meeting Lionel Messi for a couple of beers! (only joking)
Btw walking the camino st.jean to Pamplona was awesome.

Chess club Tres Peons

In 9 Ros de Olano (in the area of Gracia near the metro stop Fontana on the green line) you can find an original building by the architect Francesc Berenguer, built in 1904, with its impressive Gaudi-inspired iron balcony in the centre of its facade. If you enter the building you will find on the second floor the liveliest chess club in Barcelona.,called Tres Peons. It was founded in1971 and every year it organizes five open international tournaments and every Friday its members can play chess competitions.

There are also chess classes on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday afternoons for schoolchildren, one of whom is the current Catalan and Spanish under 8 champion.20121208-202850.jpg
Adults can also learn and improve their chess level.Short courses are given by the best Masters who explain the secrets that have enabled them to reach their extraordinary level. Details of these activities can be found at

All chess fans are welcome whatever their level.In the Catalan team championships Tres Peons enters 11 teams in different categories, from the 1st division to the third division. Therefore players of all levels can participate.